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A reliable partner who can provide service beyond compare.

Providing solutions: Optimal transport equipment for customers based on their specific needs and environment. Robotics for the future in the manufacturing industry. Daiichi Institution Industry Co.,Ltd. is always looking to the future to be a reliable partner for our customers.
Clean Transport Systems

In the field of advanced sciences, medicine, and semi-conductors in particular, the common challenge in realizing clean operation lies in how to avoid micro-level environmental pollutants. "Clifter," a high-speed and low-noise vertical transport system, and "Loop Carry," a cleanroom-specific circulating transport system can provide solutions catering to the specific needs and circumstances of our customers. Additional systems such as transportation robots, AGV, and conveyers may be incorporated to achieve an integrated automatic transport operation. From planning and design to assembly, any restrictions in space or conditions of a plant are given due consideration in order to install systems of optimal capacity that satisfy customer needs.

Transport Systems

Logistics is crucial in any major business sectors such as food, clothing, medicine, consumer goods, home electronic appliances, to name just a few. Accurate and efficient distribution and transportation are highly sought after, and should be available at reasonable cost. Optimal and wide-ranging transport systems can be configured by combined use of systems such as our "Spiral Lifter" that enables efficient production within a limited space and our high-speed and highly accurate "High Lifter."

Robotics Maintenance

Robots have become indispensable and are widely utilized not only at production sites but also in other life-related sectors such as in the medical and nursing care fields. The demand for robot maintenance is expected to increase even more in the future. To cater to this increasing demand, Daiichi Institution Industry Co.,Ltd. has set forth a training system to develop robot maintenance professionals who train on actual robots. Quickly responding to the futuristic trends in robotics maintenance, we have ventured into a new project fully supported by Yaskawa, a leading global robot manufacturer.

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