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We provide a variety of flexible systems.

Daiichi Institution Industry Co.,Ltd. can provide an optimal logistics and transport system guaranteed by our equipment, services, and after-purchase maintenance. Our main products include: "Spiral Lifter" that enables efficient production within a limited space, "Round Lifter" that offers high cost performance, and "High Lifter" that enables high-speed and high accuracy. We have a variety of optimal transport systems to cater to the specific needs of our customers.
Vertical Continuous Transport System: Spiral Lifter

Vertical transport has become indispensable as factories tend to be multi-floored to achieve efficient production in a limited space. Our vertical continuous transport system ensures low-cost and efficient multi-floor transport.

High Lifter

High Lifter features up to 0.5 mm stoppage accuracy in addition to high-speed lifting capacity that enables high precision automated production lines. Flexible installation of drives is made possible within existing buildings.


Magic Move is a system to lift objects via fluid film generated by compressed fluid passed through a porous body placed on compression containers.

Loop Carry

By circulating multiple work cradles within different levels, Loop Carry enables the mass transport of large capacity to different levels in a short period of time. Planning, assembly and installation will be arranged with due consideration of limited space and restrictive conditions.

Loop Carry
Foup Changer

Foups can be supplied to EQ without wasting time by buffering multiple hoops. Planning, assembly and installation will be arranged with due consideration of limited space within a facility so that the equipment with optimal capacity may be installed.

Foup Changer
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