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We strive to be a company beyond compare for our customers.

The Cleanroom-specific vertical transport system is one of our leading products. It was developed under our corporate philosophy of being "a company of excellence beyond compare." Our cleanroom-specific vertical transport system has been introduced to nearly all domestic device manufacturers, and has secured an 80% share in the Asian market. Our motto is "Never say never to our customers’ needs." Based on our 50 years of experience and global network, Daiichi Institution Industry Co.,Ltd. can surely provide flexible and catered services to our customers as a SME.
Customer First

As a company specializing in a customer-tailored production, Daiichi Institution Industry Co.,Ltd. has carefully responded to customer needs in a variety of ways. Unlike typical mass producers, we have often faced unexpected situations common to tailored operations. There have been cases where we needed to introduce specific countermeasures which turned our overall figures to a loss. To us, such experiences and approaches are regarded not as failure but a pleasure, as our mottos "customer first;" and "we value each new experience." demonstrate.
Venturing into the Robotics Market

Taking advantage of our 50 years of experience and technological knowhow in transport systems, Daiichi Institution Industry Co.,Ltd. plans to further venture into the market of industrial robots. Through an alliance formed with a leading robot manufacturer, we have created an ideal environment for promoting our robot maintenance business to respond to the increased future demand. An investment period is set for three years during which a domestic pilot project will be completed, with an eye to spreading it to other Asian markets in the future.
Strength of Daiichi Institution Industry Co.,Ltd.

Daiichi Institution Industry Co.,Ltd. has conventionally designed and manufactured small-lot and wide-variety products. Through this experience, our engineers are trained and equipped with high-level skills in a wide range of fields. What lies beneath our work is "to find good reasons for what we do. Our company’s strength is fully supported by a close cooperation between various human resources ranging from senior employees with more than 40 years of experience to mid-career employees with varied backgrounds.
Network within Asia

More than 70% of our end users are located in Asia. We believe that properly understanding different business practices, historical and cultural differences, as well as the languages in each host region are the keys for achieving success in the global market. To this end, we have proactively employed staff and accepted internships from overseas. As one of SMEs, our global network is fully strengthened by the diversity of our staff members.
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